F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: I wanna buy site (design, 3d model, etc)…

A: Read “order design” page.

Q: I like one you pic, can I buy it (use it free for my site)?

A: If you project non commercial (personal page, fun-site, etc) – you can use my image for free but you need add my copyrights (image by iuneWInd) and link to iunewind.com
If your project is commercial – you can buy any work with non-exclusive rights for commersial using.

Q: I owner of graphical blog (site with wallpapers collection, catalogue of graphical sites etc…) Can I post one of your wallpapers?

A: Of curse, it will be great. But you need stay copyrights and link to iunewind.com.

Q: In what programs you work?

A: Most works maked in 3d max (+ V-ray) and Photoshop.
Web design – in Photoshop.

Q: And what you PC configuration?

A: Sine~2004-2005 – Athlon 3200/1gb/ge force 6600gt
Since 2007 – core2duo/2gb/radeon 3780×2
Since 2011 and on this moment i5-2500k/16gb/geforce460
Every new computer was much faster then predictor.
I love computers, read main news about new hardware and make every my new system by myself.

Q: How you make (name of work)?

A:. If it “summer cocktail” – I was make a tutorial. In any case – if you don’t know, how maked any my works - you just need complex curse about 3d graphics. Buy (or download in pdf) any book about 3d-max for newbie. Read it and make all lessons. After it your not ask that stupid question ; )

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