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  2. well, but i still have to say that is nice pice of work, looks really cool, may I ask what sort of program you used for this ? is not made in 3D max ? … I´ve made a model of robotic spider in the 3Dmax … put it hasn´t looked soo … «realistic» even when i used a lots of render option … maybe I just don´t know how to use it 😉 bye

  3. Hello IW,
    Wonderful 3d art! I’m from Brazil and I not speak English very well but I want to tell you how much I loved your work. I woud like to see the scorpion in some kind of scenario,if possible let me know. Ok, it’s all! Thank you in advance!

  4. Very nice indeed, really love this.

    I want to ask you if you would mind if I tattoo this great picture on my arm?

    Only you made one crucial mistake in the drawing.

    A scorpion has 8 legs plus the scissors. Your’s has 6 legs.

    But i’t shouldn’t be too hard to put 2 more at the back.



  5. I stumbled across this today. I am working on a custom bike that will look like a scorpion. It will have two wheels in the front and one in the rear, it will be powered by a Chevy V8, eight separate exhaust pipes to resemble the legs. I do not have any completed drawings. If this program would help with a concept please let me know, as I am stuck.

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